Case Studies

(Real names have not been used)

Making a house a home – Essential Grants Program

Struggling to bring up her family on her own, Ella had little money available to make her house a home. She had lived with threadbare, unfitted carpets for years, her cooker was only partially working and the house was in desperate need of painting.

Ella was at an all-time low and was suffering from depression and anxiety.  Ella told the Charity that she was on a “downward spiral” and was upset at living in the “worst house on the street”.

The Trustees agreed to Ella being put on the Essentials Grant Program. Ella was keen to start painting, so the first purchase was paint and decorating materials. Within a few weeks Ella had painted every room. The Charity paid for a professional decorator to come in and paint all the ceilings. Ella really enjoyed the painting and commented that her mood was lifting. Once all the decoration work was complete, Ella chose a new grey carpet to be fitted through the house.

The next purchase was a new cooker.

Ella thanked the Trustees for all their support and said that she “Once had a house, but now has a home”.

Ella wants to re-paint the doors on her kitchen units and we are hoping that she will soon attend a furniture painting workshop. She is looking to upcycle furniture as a job in the future.

Sleepless nights – Essentials Grant Program

Simon lived in a 1 bedroom flat with his autistic, adult son. Simon was sleeping on the sofa which was giving him sleepless nights and a bad back. Simon approached the charity to see if we could help him buy a more supportive sofa. Simon was awarded a grant by the Trustees and we purchased a fabulous sofa-bed from Ikea with a deep supportive mattress – no more sleepless nights for Simon!

Debt worry – Short Term Support Grant

Amanda contacted the Charity as she had a credit card debt of £500 and rent arrears of £1000. Amanda had recently lost her job and was struggling to pay the agreed debt repayments.

The Trustees awarded Amanda Short Term Support and Amanda used the monthly grant to make her debt repayments. Amanda now has a new job and is debt free.

Help with childcare – Essential Grants Program

Matt is a single dad living with his 8 year old son Olly. Matt works and needed financial help with childcare during school holidays. Matt was also struggling with the cost of food and utility bills.

The Trustees agreed to put Matt on the Essential Grants Program.  The grant was spent on childcare for the school holidays, plus, regular supermarket vouchers to help with the cost of food.

Help with a new laptop – Bursary

Molly was working towards her GCSE’s when her old laptop would no longer update. Molly’s mum couldn’t afford to replace Molly’s laptop.

Molly was awarded a Bursary by the Trustees and a new Chrome Book was ordered for Molly.

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