• My partner and I have part-time jobs and we are struggling to manage to pay our rent. Can we apply for help?
  • I am a single mother of a school age child.  I go out to work part-time. Can I apply for help?
  • We are couple with 3 children, 2 are school age and 1 is working part-time.  Can I apply for help?
  • I am a widow with a pension and I own my own home. Can I apply for assistance?
  • I live at home with my parents. I am not working and have a child under school age. Can I apply for help?
  • I have a mortgage and have stopped work due to ill health.  Can you help?
  • I live in a private rented property and am struggling to pay my rent.  Can you help?

The answer to all the questions above is:

Yes, we may be able to help. You are welcome to apply for support from BUC using the referral form. When the Trustees of the charity consider your application they will consider your social and financial situation. We help many different families and individuals with difference circumstances.